Monday, April 23, 2012

On Butchering A Chicken

Why should you buy + butcher your own chicken?

1. Its economical. Buying a whole chicken is usually a lot cheaper than buying separate parts.

2. Flavor. You will get a much more diverse range in taste and texture in your chicken dishes if you mix white and dark meat. 

3. Know your food. We only buy meat from the farmers market, but when we sleep in and miss the market we only buy meat from Whole Foods or other stores that support local/fairly treated/organic/happy animals. In a taste test both my husband and I agree that there is a major taste difference in buying the cheap meat that is pumped full of crap and treated like crap while it is living and is butchered by workers that are treated like crap.... and happy animals raised on farms. Butchering your own meat allows you to understand different pieces of meat and where they come from on the animal. Different pieces will have different flavors, and your knowledge in the kitchen about the different meats you cook with will greatly increase the flavor of your dishes.

4. If you plan on moving into a third world country one day like we do, this is a useful skill to have. 

5. Its an interesting conversation starter. I butcher my own meat. Yeah. 

The Dirty:

1. Sharpen your knife/kitchen shears. 

2. The chicken, in all of its glory. 
3. First you are going to take the leg and pop the joint. 
Then you will cut through the joint at the base of where the leg is connected to the chicken body. 
Do this to both legs
4. Separate the drumstick from the thigh 
Once done to both legs you have 4 pieces 
5. Extend the wing and cut where it connects to the body, then cut the tip of the wing off 
6. Cut the where the wing joint connect (this is where buffalo wings come from, Jessica Simpson)
Once done to both sides you will have a total of 8 pieces
7. Now you will cut the chicken's breast away from the backbone 
8. Separate the chicken backbone from the body. Yeah, its gross. Then throw the carcass away.
9. The breast will be in the shape of a heart, and you will need to cut it in half 
Clean up the chicken breast by cutting off any excess fat and tendons 
10. Cook or freeze. The ends. Noms.